The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics (AIIC)

The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics (AIIC) began when a fellow permanent cosmetic technician asked Sandi Hammons to help her improve her techniques. Hammons began teaching a few students every month in her permanent cosmetics clinic in North Dallas. Word spread of her technical skills and the quality of the permanent makeup pigments she made in her small laboratory.


From those humble beginnings, the AIIC is now internationally recognized as a top institution for permanent cosmetics training, education and research.


Along with Sandi, our faculty includes top micropigmentation technicians (including lip and eyelash enhancement experts), leading researchers, prize-winning authors and many more valued scholars. Throughout its history, the AIIC has stayed true to its founding mission of providing excellent education, quality pigments and supplies, and assistance for our students who are working to become prosperous members of society. Our faculty and alumni exemplify the spirit of community and innovation that pervades our campus.






premier pigments

We are dedicated to bringing our customers the world’s finest Permanent Makeup Pigments and offer the best education in the industry!


We manufacture the world's finest permanent make-up pigments. Now you can benefit from a decade of our research and development. We'll teach you how to employ our latest techniques in the application of permanent cosmetics with excellent results. Our classes are very thorough, taught by industry leaders, and offer participants hands-on training. There is no obligation, and classes are very affordable.


Premier Pigments Mission Statement:

Premier Pigments enjoys a preeminent reputation in the development and quality of the world's finest permanent cosmetic pigments. We are dedicated to the continuous advancement of superior techniques and micropigmentation training for intradermal cosmetic technicians around the world. We will continue to be an efficient distributor and marketer of products and services that support the changing needs of the consumer. We conduct our business in an open and forthright manner in strict compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations so that we are correctly perceived to be an ethical organization of dedicated and competent individuals of high integrity and credibility.


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Paris Prescriptives

Paris Prescriptives is our exclusive line of Spa-Grade Cosmetics and Skin Care.


With the Non-Surgical Face Lift being it's premier product, additional products include:

* Cellular Solutions

* Clear Reflections

* Aloe Based Semi-permanent Cosmetic

* Lip and Eye Pencils

* Liquid Mineral Paramedical Camouflage

* Foundations * Mineral Brush on Brows

                                                      * Specialty Spa Products


People around the country have begun using and selling these products to generate income while helping people look and feel better about themselves.



Alliance for Safe Practice


Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Alliance for Safe Practice is to advance safe practice in the permanent cosmetic and tattoos industries, and to be a source of accurate and unbiased reporting for the industry and the public.











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"I am so very grateful for the many lives - for thousands of men and women who have crossed my path and blessed me with their generosity, their skills, their experiences and their knowledge. With great humility and honor, I am willing to share my experience, strength and hope to all who journey with me and to the many blessed beings God has placed in my path. In doing so, I receive the gift of knowledge, personal empowerment and love of our creator, my fellows and self. On this planet and during this moment, we are all equals and we can all provide the gift of knowledge and self to each other. It is in this spirit that I pray and hope the education you receive will be a gift that will touch your life. God Bless You and thank you for touching my life." - Sandi Hammons