Permanent makeup


Permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, intradermal cosmetics and micropigmentation are all terms used to describe the technique of using tattooing to mimic conventional cosmetic makeup such as eyebrow and eyeliner pencils, lipliner and lipstick. It can also be used to hide scars, skin imperfections and restore areolas following mastectomy surgery.
The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics is the oldest and largest institution devoted exclusively to research and the education of permanent cosmetic technicians. Founded in 1991 by Sandi Hammons, the AIIC exists to serve the future by combining enduring knowledge with innovation from cutting-edge research. The AIIC is both a repository for accumulated information and refined process applications that serve to advance artistic design and enhance the longevity, predictability and ease of application of permanent color. AIIC is also where groundbreaking studies on pigment chemistry, color absorption, medication interactions and other health related studies are conducted.




skin care - Paris Prescriptives

Paris Prescriptives is our exclusive line of Spa-Grade Cosmetics and Skin Care.


With the Non-Surgical Face Lift being it's premier product, additional products include:

* Cellular Solutions

* Clear Reflections

* Aloe Based Semi-permanent Cosmetic

* Lip and Eye Pencils

* Liquid Mineral Paramedical Camouflage

* Foundations

                                                * Mineral Brush on Brows

                                                * Specialty Spa Products


People around the country have begun using and selling these products to generate income while helping people look and feel better about themselves.




The Permanent
Cosmetics Apprentice™


The Permanent Cosmetics Apprentice™ is a reality DVD series designed to help permanent makeup practitioners learn the art and the business of permanent makeup. The series is hosted by Sandi Hammons, celebrated motivational speaker and president and CEO of Premier Pigments.


The Permanent Cosmetic Apprentice™ features permanent makeup technicians, marketing experts, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, salon owners, and tattoo artists in real-life situations.


In Donald Trump Boardroom-like style, Sandi Hammons directs technicians as they face the challenges of building their permanent cosmetic practices. Viewers see both triumphs and mishaps as they follow Hammons instructions on establishing a business plan, and sales and marketing strategies.


"Our objective is for Sandi's success to be replicated," said Twyla Millican, spokeswoman for the project. "Sandi is a master in business and this reality DVD series reveals her proven life skills and marketing strategies."

This one of a kind DVD series provides a library of information for the permanent makeup technician. Each title contains nine segments including: a featured procedure, roundtable discussion with Sandi Hammons and AIIC Certified Instructors, tips and suggestions, boardroom discussion business building techniques, and interviews with featured physicians and technicians.


To order the Permanent Cosmetics Apprentice™
DVD series, call 800-642-1096.


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