Sandi Hammons Charitable Foundation

“Child abuse is senseless. And it can be prevented. Children repeat what they live; they often grow up to parent children the way they were parented, thus repeating the cycle of abuse. Intervention, education, awareness and love can change the life of a child. And in changing the life of even one child, we will stop the cycle for generations to follow. When we change the life of even one child, we change the world – forever!” - Sandi Hammons


The mission of the Sandi Hammons Charitable Foundation is to support family violence prevention through education, awareness, philanthropy and hope. The SHCF works in collaboration with public and private organizations that specialize in child abuse prevention.

Sandi Hammons knows the devastation of family violence first hand. Her personal story is one of tragedy, survival, courage, and ultimate triumph.

The initiative of the SHCF is about change:

The SHCF promotes intervention and treatment of mental health disorders which often lead to acts of violence.

The SHCF promotes containment and mental health intervention for perpetrators of violent crimes.

The SHCF supports and complements the work of many organizations already providing services to victims of family violence.

The 2008 initiative for the Sandi Hammons Charitable Foundation is to study the causes of cyberbullying and to develop strategies to prevent it.

wareness, education, protection and motivation are the keys to changing and empowering the lives of women and children who suffer from family violence. Even one single act of violence against a child should never be tolerated or left untreated. These acts of violence often escalate to very devastating consequences.

For more information on child abuse read the statistics of child abuse.